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Entry Visa Application



We welcome colleagues from overseas who are interested in the conference. International participants may need a visa to enter Vietnam. In case you need our assistance to obtain the visa, you may send your passport details to our contact person Ms. Phan Thi Anh Dao (mekongfood@ctu.edu.vn) at least 30 days before your arrival.

Our staffs will process the necessary documentation to apply visa permission for you.

After getting the results, we then send it to you. You can show it to Vietnamese Embassy to your country to obtain the visa.


The personal information you need to send us including

Your full name (as in your passport)


Date of birth

Original nationality

Current nationality

Passport number

Date of validity (at least 6 month before you come)

Period of staying in Vietnam

The address you would like to stay during time you are in Vietnam

The Vietnamese Embassy at WHAT LOCATION that you expected to get your visa

A photocopy of your passport with the picture is highly recommended.





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