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Instruction to authors




Oral presentations are required to make by Power point which should be controlled by the speaker. The time for oral presentation will be 15 min with 5 min discussion. All speakers have to check and load the files before the talk. Computers and LCD will be available.


Poster presentations - The content of the poster should cover titles, objectives, materials and method, results and discussion, and conclusion. Poster size will be 80 cm wide and 120 cm high (Ao).


The following format is required


1. Typewritten on an A4 paper size with margins as follows

Top margin 2.5 cm

Bottom margin 2.5 cm

Left margin 3.5 cm

Right margin 2.5 cm

2. Use font Times or Times New Roman

3. For Title, use font size 14 pt, bold and align center

4. For Authors, use font size 10 pt, bold and Addresses use font size 10 pt, italic and all left

5. For Heading, use font size 12 pt, bold

6. For Sub-heading, use font size 12 pt, italic

7. For Text, use font size 12 pt, single spaced and fully justified

8. Place page number at the middle of the bottom margin

9. Language: English

10. The references should be arranged in alphabet order of family name, be complete with authors, year, title of the paper, name of the journal, volume number and page number

11. The Abstract for registration should be written in the same format as full paper.


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